Migrating to your new Mac with your old backup

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a backup of your Mac. It is an important stage in migrating to a new machine as well. Over decades of owning Macs and using various backup software and media, which could include a type of cloud storage there are a few different approaches.


 If you are just upgrading your Mac and just want a clone because everything runs smoothly then you can do a complete backup of your old system and migrate your data, this method is has the least fuss. To do this method you require an external drive. You should already have one of these, as this is a way to externally backup your Mac by using time machine. If you don’t have one this is a great opportunity to get one and set it up with your new Mac. Make sure your old Mac is up to date so that the old files can be read on the new Mac as it is newer it will have the most latest software. Use Time machine to do a backup on the external drive then connect it to the new computer and follow the prompts.

If you want to just migrate your documents and settings, Apple’s Migration Assistant is the way to go. Using Migration Assistant you can select from among a few categories of items to transfer including settings and applications. This can work either over network, via Thunderbolt or Firewire or from a Time Machine backup. Time machine has been designed around the simplicity, which means everything is backed up, and also archived with a history of file changes recorded to allow different versions. If you want to be able to choose files to backup and restore you will need a third party app.  


If you want to transfer documents of all kinds and not settings and apps you can use a networked-mounted volume to copy items over this method can’t copy full apps and isn’t recommended to use if you require that on your new Mac.

If you don’t feel confident to try these methods then contact our Office and we can organise a technician to come to you and provide you with the best service and help. The data on your computer is very important and we understand that.