Recovering Data – Office for Mac

Sometimes rebuilding, restoring and upgrading doesn’t go to plan and you need to recover your data. Outlook stores your data in a data records folder in your identity folder. The error you may receive an error message in Outlook for Mac 2011 that states that the database is damaged or can’t be accessed.

If you restore your identity from Time machine or another backup and it fails to rebuild and you have missing data you can restore your data from your old identity. To do this first you must upgrade to service pack 2 (SP2) and then create a new blank SP2 identity. Users have found that deleting the database file in the new identity helped. Next you must copy the data records folders from the old identity to the new blank identity, replacing the new folders. In the database utility select rebuild the identity. Then open the outlook and your data should be back.

To create a new identity you have to open the Microsoft database utility from the applications folder. This will give the option to create, rename or delete an identity. Microsoft database utility also gives the option to make an identity a default.

To rebuild your outlook database you have to open the Microsoft database utility and click the identity of the database that you want to rebuild and then click rebuild. Before the database utility rebuilds a database it will create a backup copy of your database and moves it into a folder.