Siri and the Good Samaritan

Previously one our blogs talked about Find my iPhone app, which is easy to set up and use. However if you are the finder of the lost phone and want to be a Good Samaritan and the phone has a passcode then you can just ask Siri. 

By tapping and holding down the home button you will activate siri. You can ask her “Who owns this phone,” “whose phone is this,” Who does this iPhone belong to” or “Who does this phone belong to.” Siri will then respond and display the information of the device’s owner. However Siri can be cheeky so if you do ask her “Who’s iPhone is this” or “Whose iPhone this is” Siri will respond with

For this to work you as the device owner needs to make sure that it is correctly set up in your phone settings. To do this you need to go to your device settings and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Then scroll down till you see ‘My Info’ under the subheading, Contacts. It will then show you your contacts you may need to add yourself as a contact if you haven’t already. Another thing you can have set up is the medical ID through the health app. To learn more about that check out our blog -