Installing an SSD into an iMac for better performance

As my clients get busier in business and day to day lives, they expect more from their computers.  People just aren't willing to wait more than a few seconds for their Mac to boot.  And they can't stand looking at the spinning beach ball even for a few moments.

Quite often I'm asked what else we can do with Apple computers to speed them up.... "Do I get some more memory?", "Do I get a better CPU or graphics card?"  Upgrading these components do bring improvements to system performance, but what really slows machines down these days in the old traditional hard disk drive that was still very commonly installed in Macs only a couple of years ago.  And these days they are still installed in some iMacs.  This is because they offer a large amount of storage for a relatively cheap price.  The downside is they have very slow data access speeds, and therefor slow down our machines tremendously.


Enter the SSD drive... this drive is much like a piece of RAM or memory, but a bit larger and capable of very high data read / write speeds.  We installed a 1TB SSD into an iMac today.  The SSD itself was approximately $700 AUD, where a traditional 1TB disk would cost about $100 AUD.

iMac open and showing with the standard 1TB hard disk inside

iMac open and showing with the standard 1TB hard disk inside

The result: a much faster iMac.  A 30 second boot is now about 5 - 10 seconds, and we've said goodbye to the beach ball. 

So I guess, put simply... if you're looking for a way to speed up your Mac... get an SSD drive.  There are plenty of resources online which will help you choose the right disk, and give you step by step instructions.

Or if you need someone do it for you call us.  We offer upgrades at Mac Support as a service.

Take care!